About our family

Welcome to Mattapan Baptist Church!
Our online church is a site to reach people where they are – anywhere in the world.  All that is needed is a computer, Internet and desire.  Desire is the most important because often it takes intense desire to fuel us and drive us to that which we seek.  Often obstacles stand in the way and we are given the opportunity to meet them, go around them, under, over, through or whatever is needed to attain that which we want.

We at Mattapan Baptist Church understand how desire motivates movement and change.  We are blessed to never give up and keep our focus on sharing God’s love with others.  It has been a process of over 20 years of finding our way to serve the Lord as He wants it.  We are His tools here on Earth.

We began with a couple of earnest people who listened to the internal calling and over the years our number has swelled and it has dwindled.  We have come to understand that this is normal and to trust and have no fear.  We don’t have the big picture and complete understanding of His ways. We have had people return to our group and again head out to heed their own personal calling.  Perhaps their return was to find nurturing.  Perhaps it was to nurture us. What we do find is association of others who support and encourage us to stay the course, expand our love and give to others.

This site is where we have been led.  We said yes.  It is our desire to provide hope and inspiration and words of truth to those who seek it.  It is amazing to us that we have been the gift of providing to anyone, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Technology is yet another gift to help us in very useful ways.

We hope you find a program that sets your heart on fire and has you return daily to move and grow, contemplate and discuss with your group, and expand into the fullest of who you are in grace and humility.

We are humbled to be in His service and listen daily in quiet inward contemplation for guidance in our own days as well as how to best serve in this special way.

We are so happy you are here and invite you to return back again and again.  Please share this site with others as you see fit.